MOKKO Workspace


It includes a desk with L-shaped shelves and a curved functional PC sitting on a stand. There is a vertical monitor that fits perfectly on the side of the PC. I also specially designed the computer’s keyboard and mouse. In fact, take a look at the book set that contains a few book notes on the subjects I want to recommend to you 🙂 The computer case, which you can use as a decoration on its own, is perfectly compatible with the desk. There is a special slot where you can put it. A few song high school and Sims logo necklaces hang on the cork board for important notes. The office chair I designed specifically for this set moves smoothly on the carpet. My carpet pattern is iconic. I hope you like the triangular wall art that is right in front of the Sim when he sits down. Please use (testingcheats) mode for all. I will be here for your questions and help requests. Please don’t forget to support and like me. Thanks ♥

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